The Dalabai Operation is located in the Chu Ili gold belt in southern Kazakhstan.  Acquired in 2008, Dalabai was determined to be a low-risk project on which to develop a heap leach operation.  It has potential to provide early cashflow to fund further exploration and development.

Dalabai is conveniently located 2.5 hours’ drive from Almaty, Kazakhstan’s largest city, with a major highway to the deposit. Rail facilities are within 20 mins, and Taldykorgan, a small city with hospitals, universities and services is within an hours' drive.

The current Resource at Dalabai is primarily from three out of eight identified ore zones. The north-east part of the licence area was acquired in 2010 and a regional exploration program in this area to identify potential mineralisation is planned for 2012.

Mining commenced in September 2011, Processing started in February 2012 and CVR recovered 180 ounces of gold and 165 ounces of silver from its initial shipment of resin in April. Precious metals are loaded onto resin and refined by third parties. Mining from the first open pit, ‘Zone 4’ to a depth of 20m was  Processing continued until November 2012 and gold and silver sales for this period totalled 2676 ounces of gold and 7971 ounces of silver, with 52% of gold recovered from Leach Pad 1, which contains 130,000 t of ore.

Trial Mining demonstrated the success of the mining, crushing, leaching and gold recovery process, and also identified some metallurgical improvements which will improve metal recoveries and throughput rates.  The operation is currently on Care and Maintenance with a skeleton crew and key personnel retained.  Commercial-scale  mining operations and processing are expected to commence in mid 2013, following some technical improvements to the leaching/recovery circuit.

A process flow sheet below shows the circuit from Mining to Crushing, Heap Leaching, Gold Adsorbtion onto Resin and export of gold-rich resin.